transitioning military in north carolina

General.  Businesses in North Carolina require a qualified workforce to sustain and grow their business activity.  With over 100,000 active duty personnel at bases in our state, military personnel transitioning out of the service (and military family members) represent a potential pool of talented, educated, disciplined and drug free employees for current and prospective businesses in North Carolina.

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Quantifying, identifying and translating the vocational skills of transitioning military personnel into data useful to economic developers and businesses have been problematic.  With the support of the military installations and with resources provided by the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (ESC), the North Carolina Military Foundation and the North Carolina Military Business Center have captured this data and present it to users on this website.

The searchable database includes annualized data on military transitions from Army (Fort Bragg) and USMC (Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River and MCAS Cherry Point) bases in North Carolina.  The data includes the number and pay grade of transitioning personnel by military job title, by corresponding civilian occupation and by specific civilian job titles.  It also includes a link for each military job title to more detailed data on knowledge, skills, and abilities required for these military jobs through the ESC’s O*Net system. 

To search the database of transitioning personnel data, enter a keyword in the “job word search” field above.  The database will return results with that keyword reflected in the military job title, civilian occupation or civilian job title.  To see detailed results, click on “view.”

Additional Information.

If you assistance or additional information, please call the NCMBC toll free at 877-245-5520.  The NCMBC and the Military Foundation are pleased to provide this resource to economic developers and businesses in our state.